Why Knights of the Old Republic 2 Tells My Favourite Star Wars Story


When The Last Jedi was released in December 2017, it was polarising to say the least. Critics lauded it, but fans were divided; some loved its unique take on the Star Wars universe, while others felt it betrayed the foundations upon which the galaxy far, far away was built.

The divisive response got me thinking: what makes a Star Wars story good? Personally, I rather enjoyed The Last Jedi, although I can certainly understand the perspectives of those that didn’t; the way Rian Johnson chose to portray Luke Skywalker is perhaps, the perfect example.

Think about the key elements of the Star Wars universe – the Force, the Jedi, the ongoing conflict between the light side and the dark side. The Last Jedi presents these in a way that tends to go against some of the more commonly accepted tropes that are present in the other films. The Last Jedi, after all, almost completely dismisses the concept of black and white, choosing instead to colour its story and characters in shades of grey.

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