Westworld Season 2 has a ‘Controversial Plan’ to Tackle Fan Theories


The cast and creators behind Westworld brought fans back to the park at South By Southwest on Saturday — and even gave us a glimpse at the much-hyped Shogun World — thanks to an electrifying sizzle reel.

The footage opens with Dolores and her band of hosts confronting a group of captive guests, and while we won’t spoil the details of what happens next, it provides an electrifying showcase for Evan Rachel Wood. The footage then segues into a sizzle reel of quickly cut images similar to what HBO debuted during the Super Bowl, full of murder and mayhem, with dead bodies strewn throughout the park, and an armed taskforce arriving with guns drawn, clearly ready to engage the renegade hosts. We also see Jimmi Simpson back as William, taking a step towards his destiny in a sharp black suit. But the ending is the real kicker, revealing a first look at the inhabitants of Shogun World and Maeve in the middle of the melee, rocking a kimono.

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