The Island From Lost Has Been Recreated In Far Cry 5


If you like Far Cry 5, but don’t feel like it has nearly enough mystery, then Far Cry 5 arcade’s map creator might have you covered.

Youtube channel¬†Un-Break-Able¬†has managed to recreate the entirety of Lost’s mysterious and often paradoxical island from the mid-2000s TV show. It’s all there: the beach, the caves, the Dharma Initiative, the lighthouse, all recreated in Far Cry 5’s engine. Un-break-able admits that, while feature-wise it is pretty similar to the show’s island, the map creator doesn’t allow them to make it to scale.

You can check out the video tour below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

You can find the map on the PS4 under the name “LOST TV Series.” The time limit is currently capped at ten minutes, so you may need a few runs at it to fully explore. I’m sure you have other questions, but none of them will be answered.

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