Our WWE Fastlane Predictions: Will John Cena Weasel His Way into WrestleMania?


This is it. WWE Fastlane! This Sunday, March 11th, marks the last PPV pit stop on the Road to WrestleMania 34. The last chance to fill out and finalize the ‘Mania card which is, still, about 70% empty.

With dozens of wrestlers’ WrestleMania fate still up in the air, and plenty of people still without matches, somehow it’s become all about John Cena and how he’s going to contribute to ‘Mania – a storyline that’s worked to paint him out as a bit of an entitled brat.

Randy Orton and Bobby Roode don’t have ‘Mania matches and you don’t hear them bugging out. There aren’t even matches set for many of the major titles, but you don’t hear the champs kvetching. Hell, even Braun Strowman doesn’t know if he’ll “be a part of WrestleMania” yet. But somehow Cena’s fretting he’ll get left off the card even though everyone else, technically, is in the same boat.

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