Kerbal Space Program: Making History Will Probably Be Elon Musk’s New Favorite Game


    The first mission I tried to build in Kerbal Space Program’s upcoming Making History expansion resulted in spectacular failure. Somewhere along the way I forgot to link the success condition to the rest of the mission, so even though I’d rescued the stranded Kerbal I’d stuck on the Mun (i.e. Kerbal’s Moon) the game’s logic didn’t realize I’d finished and I was stuck in orbit wondering what I forgot for a solid 20 minutes or more. I guess that’s just the life of a budding rocket scientist-turned mission architect.

    Kerbal Space Program’s first and only DLC Expansion, Making History, is out this week for $15 and aims to bring some impressive new updates to the insanely popular years-old PC game. For those unaware, KSP is an extremely realistic (other than the little Kerbal alien guys) rocket simulation experience in which you take control of a budding space program. You’ll need to understand actual rocket science, physics, and orbital dynamics to play it well. The core Kerbal is awash with tons of missions and scenarios to play out, as well as an extremely active modding community, that keeps it from ever getting too old.

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