Hands-On with Resident Evil 7 on Switch: It’s as good as your internet connection


Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version, currently available for Switch only in Japan, is a bold release for Capcom: The game can only be played via cloud streaming. After testing the game in multiple environments, we can confirm that it works better than you’d expect, especially if you’ve been disappointed in the past with services such as PlayStation Now – but still it comes with some problematic caveats.

Loading Resident Evil 7 is a little different than the average Switch game. The app itself is only 42MB, and can be downloaded for free from the Japanese eShop. After launching the app, you are connected to the server to start playing. You can then play for 15 minutes for free, or pay 2,000 yen (about $18) to access the full game for 180 days. You never install the game locally to your Switch – everything is handled via streaming.

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