Gem Smashers

This GBA game mimics the gameplay of Breakout. Players are tasked with directing a small animal into obstacles to destroy them, and find...

Maria The Witch

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Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars lets the player take command of a Mars colonization mission, gathering resources and building their own Dome Cities.Powered by WPeMatico

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

A sequel to the original Mighty Gunvolt featuring a character growth system.Powered by WPeMatico


Stay alive by leaping from moving truck to moving truck in this breakneck 3D platformer.Powered by WPeMatico

Streamer Ninja And Rapper Drake Shatter Twitch Viewership Record With Fortnite Stream

Late Wednesday night, Twitch streamer Ninja joined up with rapper Drake to play some Fortnite duos. The stream grabbed absurdly high numbers right off...

Nintendo Posts New Mario Odyssey Hint Art That Holds A Weird Secret

Nintendo posted new hint art for Super Mario Odyssey, somewhat abstract pictures that tell where a power moon is hidden for people who interpret...

Rumor: More Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds Leaked

A possible leak of Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds has supposedly suggested that 100 Acre Woods is making a completely expected return to the series...

Google And Ubisoft Collaborate On Dedicated Game Servers

Google has announced that they are currently researching and developing new server technology in collaboration with Ubisoft to improve dedicated game servers. Called Agones, an...

For Honor Gives Newcomers A Fighting Chance With The Starter Edition

With more games adopting the business model of a service, what tends to happen is that new players are woefully behind the pack. Whether...

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