21,000 Players Show Up for Pokemon GO Fest

Pokemon Go Fest 2018 drew a crowd of 21,000 attendees on-site in Chicago this past weekend, with 180,000 playing the game in the surrounding...

Fortnite’s Motion Controls On Switch Are Finicky, But Not Impossible To Use

During E3 in June, Fortnite released on Switch, and it's a solid port. After spending time with it, however, I wondered how it would...

I Want An Akira Video Game

30 years ago today, the film adaptation of the manga, Akira, released in theaters in Japan. The legacy of both the film and the...

Update: Splatoon 2 Leaderboard Hacker Banned By Nintendo Indefinitely

Update 07/16/2018: PleaseAddAntiCheat, the anonymous player that hacked Splatoon 2's leaderboards to ask for an anti-cheat solution, has seemingly been banned from online play...

Beat The Heat With Gaming’s Best Versions Of Hell

In the summer, we do things that cool us off. That’s just conventional wisdom. We jump in lakes and lay in front of fans...

Fortnite: Mario Kart References Continue with New Race Track Time Trials

The updated race track in Fortnite allows you to race through checkpoints and record a high score.Powered by WPeMatico

What to Expect From Amazon Prime Day, Including Early Deals

The official start date for Amazon Prime Day 2018 is July 16 at 12 noon BST.Powered by WPeMatico

Celebi Appears in Pokemon Go

Celebi has been officially released in Pokemon Go. At Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago today, attendees were given the chance to catch Celebi via the...

Who to Start With in Octopath Traveler

Get a summary of each character in Octopath Traveler and who you should pick first.Powered by WPeMatico

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